Joey@WORKS On Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 2: Friday
Sno Drift Day 1
1. Muffins
2. Shake Down
3. Meet Crew
4. Replace Clutch
5. Stalling Problem
6. Off to Stage one
7. We drive to Staging Area
8. Get Acquainted with Field of Cars
9. Grab Pizza (Early Afternoon)
10. Help Set up Service Area
11. Team grabs lunch
12. Car Comes in for service for Night Runs
13. Team Cleans up
14. Puts Item away
15. Team Grabs Dinner
16. Go Back to Garage to Service Car
17. Oil Change
18. Service Car
19. Figure out Idle Problem and Go Over Data Log

ACP and Goldfarb started off Friday morning with drivetrain difficulties which emerged during shakedown. The crew needed to replace the clutch after a few runs and 3 hours until the start of the rally. Lars Wolfe, the WORKS technician, jumped in and assisted the crew of ACP with the replacement. Due to their teamwork a typical 8 hours service, was executed in just under 3 hours! During the same time David, WORKS engineer, worked to resolve some idling issues with AMS owner, Martin Musial.
During shake down the crew noticed a braking problem. Due to the higher priority of replacing the clutch, the team waited to sort out the problem until a later service stop. Fortunately with a bit of nurturing from the driver and a watchful eye from the crew, the brakes survived to run the length of the rally.
After the first day of events, ACP was within the top 5. Ken Block, in Car 43, was stuck on SS10 and later retired the race. During the nighttime maintenance, the crew with Lars Wolfe changed the fluids on the car. While David and Martin worked to resolve the idling issue once more, which eventually turned out to be a faulty idle stepper motor.