Joey@WORKS On Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 3: Saturday
Sno Drift Day 2
1. Ken Block Retires
2. Wake up a bit late
3. Biscuits and Gravey!
4. Morning Staging Area at Local High School
5. See Type R
6. Walk around morning lineup
7. Go Find Crew (no where to be found)
8. Find crew in cafeteria
9. Get Ready for Service
10. Mirra’s tranny get replaced
11. We replace tires
12. Go Watch Special Stage
13. Take Photos and Videos
14. Return
15. Service Car Once More
16. Go Watch Special Stage Again
17. Go to the Podium
18. Award Ceremony
19. Then off to Bar
20. Award Dinner!

The next morning, the crew moved their service station to Atlanta High School where they were positioned for the remainder of the rally. An intriguing morning parade of the cars revealed a nice mixture of WRXs, EVOs, Neons, a Dodge Shadow, a Jetta, an Integra Type R, and a rare Hyundai Tiburon AWD.
During the length of the day the ACP vehicle was strong. Most of the efforts were made to make only incremental changes in order to alleviate minor issues with the car. Our service to the car mainly consisted of tire change, fuel refuel, de-icing, and light pod attachment. Unfortunately Dave Mirra, in the Subaru Sti, had to perform a transmission change during one of the service stages.
The reliability of the ACP vehicle allowed the WORKS crew to enjoy the opportunity to get familiar with their surroundings and allow them to watch the stage. There was a large turn out of fans for all the different cars, even the Dodge Shadow! A few members of the crew were able to watch ACP during the last stage where they secured a third place podium finish for the season opener. See the included pictures to see photos of the last stage.
In the end ACP shared the podium with Travis Pastrana, in the factory-backed Subaru Sti, and Tanner Foust, in a ex-factory Hyundai Tiburon.